Why do they become webcam sex animators?

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Jessica came out of her shower and glanced at her emails as she slipped on her bathrobe. She had received a spam inviting her to register on a peep-show site to become a model. Intrigued, the young woman registered “just to see” and turned on her webcam.

A few minutes later, Jessica realized how much she liked to receive compliments on her chest, comments on her haircut, her luscious lips or her well-rounded buttocks. In fact, Jessica immediately felt sexy and took to the game. She began to dance, to seduce those men whom she did not know, to show a little more than her charms.

Novice animators like Jessica don’t realize right away that they can earn (a lot) of money by playing their trump cards behind their webcam. Anna tells us that the livecam gave her confidence:

Nobody looked at me on me in the street. I had a big chest that I was trying to hide because I was ashamed. Today I show it proudly and it excites heaps of guys. I like it!

The majority of camgirls invest in this lucrative activity because they are assured of finding a public ready to spend fortunes to see them satisfy their fantasies. Indeed, the business of the sexcam is flourishing (estimated at more than 1 billion euros) and doesn’t know of any crisis! For Judith and Clarisse, it was just an idea:

At first it was just a silly bet but we got caught up in it. Guys love to see two women doing naughty stuff. Finally, today it pays us the rent!

Some facilitators feel forced to do this activity for financial reasons, but a large majority of them like this job. They stir up pleasure in people, they realize a form of a dream. Jessica, who today made the livecam her job, confesses to us that she always takes pleasure in performing her shows.

Many people cannot understand the fact that the camgirls feel valued, it is nevertheless true for me. I like what I do and I like hearing a customer tell me that I’m sexy and that he wants more!

Anna confirms that she really found her place and finally felt fulfilled from the day she started sex cams. She says:

It’s a matter of vocation, either we love it and we blossom or some girls feel forced and in this case, they’d better find another occupation, if only out of respect for the guys who pay them!

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