The office affair

Having sex at work can be one of the most thrilling experiences in life.

Many people dream about hitting the sheets with their sexy boss or that hot looking guy/girl from the marketing department. In fact, a study carried by* in 2015 showed that a staggering 51% of the workers surveyed, at some point, have had some sort of an office affair.

However, if you want to succumb to a dangerous, yet exciting workplace liaison, you should consider if it really is worth it, and if so, think about how you can discreetly handle it.

Hooking up with someone at the office has its risks, and consequences. Think about your professional reputation, and how it may affect the way you are later treated by your work colleagues. Keep in mind that you will have to work with your work sex mate in a daily basis, and your relationship within the office walls may change.

Is having an office affair really worth it? If what is at stake truly compensates you, the first thing you need to do is to separate your professional relationship from the sexual one.
If you finally go for it, you should consider the following tips.

#Choose your work sex buddy wisely

In other scenarios, when you lay your eyes on someone, if the attraction is mutual, then starting flirting with him/her may not be such a big deal, but office casual affairs work differently. Other rules apply.

Minimize the risks! Keep in mind that you are at a point where you could jeopardize your job for some dirty, daring office sex, so you need to be extremely precautious when selecting the person to whom you want to get laid.

Your office sex buddy has to be someone who is playing in the same league, and seeks the same things as you: a no-strings attached discreet affair.
If you mistakenly try to hit on someone, who you thought was flirting with you, but in reality was not, you may end up being fired or even worse, accused of sexual harassment, so make 100% sure you pick the right person.

#Discuss the rules

You have found the perfect office sex mate, thus talk about the worst case scenarios, and how you are going to deal if someone in the office finds out about your little secret. Set some ground rules like for example deciding when, and where to meet to give free rein to your sexual creativity, and establish some limits. Deadlines, and late night stays at the office are the perfect excuses!
Remember how important is to behave naturally. Do not demand your work sex mate something that goes beyond your casual affair, and under no circumstances use your affair to blackmail him/her.

#Be inventive

There will be some times when you will not get the chance to enjoy a quickie in your usual spots, so check out for other opportunities: the empty meeting room or a bathroom for example If you do not find a proper place in the building, you can always go for some steamy hot sex in the backseat of your car!

#Play smart, and trust no-one!

Your casual office relationship should be as discreet as possible. The best way to avoid your work colleagues gossiping about it is to keep it as a secret! Do not confide it to any one, not even your best workmate. If by any chance, others suspect about it, play it cool, and simply deny it. If it is too obvious, then do not give much details.

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