How to nail video chat sex

Sharing a video chat sex session on a sexcam site or with someone you have met on a casual dating website can be really fun, and exciting.

You have to take out the playful character in you, and really be confident, or at least work on gaining it, to enjoy the live cam experience to the maximum.

Have a look at the following recommendations to take the most of your sex cam experience, and turn yourself into a video chat sex master!

Video chat sex first rule: set the scene

Presentation matters, and every small detail counts! Think about redecorating your room, deliberately placing specific objects in certain areas or at least keep it tidy for the occasion. What is shown in the background in your video call can tell a lot about you, so the best is to create a sexy ambience -perhaps add some candle lights, and use some toys- inviting your partner to have a video sex talk with you!

Stay in frame! Think about your position, and the camera angles as well. You do not want your lover to miss part of the fun by simply watching at your elbow!

Master you sex video: wear provocative clothes!

Make a good impression, and dress up for the occasion! It may not be a face-to-face encounter, but it does not mean that you can wear the first piece of clothing you see in your closet. Think that it is all about physical attraction, and sexually arousing the person you have on the other side of the screen, so make sure you wear a provocative outfit, something suggestive like sexy lingerie, and that shows, and highlights your best features.

If you want to spicy things up gradually, you can start by stripping for your partner/casual date or even opt to wear a uniform. This is why you should consider in advance what to wear.

Add fun: use sex toys

Let’s get physical! You can go the extra mile, and get some toys to make your video chat as intense, and real as possible. You can use them by yourself or buy the ones which are connected to apps, and that can be controlled by your partner. A very good way to feel closer!

Sex chat: Talk dirty

Encourage your lover, and turn him/her on with words! Describe the situation in a natural way, and tell your partner what you wish to do to him/her, and what do you want to be done or where you want to touch or be touched. Words can be used to break the ice, and set the appropriate atmosphere!

Experience sexcam: have fun!

Video chat sex is supposedly to be fun. At some points it can be a bit cold, or even silly just because you two are not in the same room, but do not play too hard, just relax, have a laugh, and enjoy your sex experience!

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